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... supports individuals’ understanding and appreciation of themselves as a person and as a manager, and to take charge of the process of making themselves even more effective, realizing greater satisfaction in their work relationship.

... helps individuals construct an Individual Development Plan, which will serve as a practical tool for their continuing process of self improvement in each important work relationship.

... increases individuals understanding and appreciation of the importance of getting and using feedback on a regular basis to continue to grow and advance their effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

... insures balance in the individuals’ attention, focus and skills for “getting the job done right” (task achievement), doing the “right job,” and “building supportive relationships with others” (people affiliation).

... assists individuals in using their power to build consensus and commitment, releasing full potential of others to be creative, productive, and effective (empowerment).

... provides individuals the confidence required to commit to developing further their attitudes, practices, knowledge, skills, and aptitudes required to make these the guiding principles of how they manage their unit and support the application of the same principles through the organization.

Creating Leaders Who Succeed created an Individual Development Plan that specifically helps individuals to set behavioral development goals supporting behavior changes relevant to increase their performance effectiveness. Creating Leaders Who Succeed assists individuals in integrating all pertinent data gained from the assessments, identifying the "main messages" received, and creating an Individual Development Plan designed to leverage the individuals' strengths and make developmental changes where required to increase their effectiveness as a manager and leader. In short, Creating Leaders Who Succeed.

Creating Leaders Who Succeed's unique coaching process focuses on the Individual Development Plan to support each individual achieve his/her objectives. In fact, this coaching process helps individuals to sustain their targets and achieve their stated goals through specific action steps built into their Individual Development Plans.

A key component to achieve the objectives of an Individual Development Plan is to gain the support of the boss and the commitment to regular progress reviews. The success of achieving the objectives set in the Individual Development Plans are not only through the coaching offered by Creating Leaders Who Succeed but also through the support and commitment of the individual's immediate supervisor. These components are built into the coaching approach of Creating Leaders Who Succeed.