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Creating Leaders who Succeed offers Tools that help identify the strengths YOU, YOUR Team, and/or YOUR ORGANIZATION have, and those YOU, YOUR TEAM, and/or YOUR ORGANIZATION need to develop even more in order to achieve the goals and position for FUTURE SUCCESS.

Executive Insight

Creating Leaders Who Succeed
uses a highly reliable instrument to assess Organizations' and/or Teams' most critical issues at the present time.

The Executive Insight Survey provides feedback about an Organization's and/or Team's current critical issues. More specifically, this powerful instrument measures patterns and opportunities within an existing Organization and/or Team, including strategic issues, operational issues, cultural variables, and organizational change capability. Sixty eight (68) patterns in the Organization and/or Team are classified, and critical issues identified that need to be immediately addressed, as well as potential issues facing the Organization and/or Team. The Executive Insight Survey is frequently administered to different levels in the organization to discern perceptions at various levels. Perceptions are reality! Based on the results of the Executive Insight Survey, teams cannot only get a measurement of their organization on these essential factors, but also have a starting point to set team goals and actions steps needed to achieve the changes required in their organization.

Administration time: 30 minutes

The instrument’s benefits are much greater when the results are used as a basis to set team goals and action steps required to achieve the changes necessary.

Creating Leaders who Succeed offers the two most popular assessment instruments in Leadership Development: (a) the 360-Degree Feedback instrument and (b) the In-Basket exercise. These instruments assess the most critical leadership competences for success.

360-Degree Feedback

First, Creating Leaders Who Succeed collects data on individuals’ management behaviors with highest confidentiality possible. The results that are summarized in a feedback report increase the participant's awareness about his/her current performance effectiveness. The goal is to identify those strengths that allow the individual to be successful and must be leveraged, as well as those areas that interfere with the individual's effectiveness. Creating Leaders Who Succeed assists the client in "bridging" the findings to his/her Individual Development Plan.


The Am-Pro In-Basket© is designed to provide valuable feedback about an individual’s skills and work behaviors in a standardized task environment. The participant is allowed 2½ hours to respond to the real-life issues presented.  The extensive research on the Am-Pro In-Basket© allows management and leadership skill ratings to be obtained on 16 traditional assessment center competencies, falling under four general skill categories:

  • Personal Qualities
  • Administrative Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills

The Am-Pro In-Basket© is the most researched In-Basket in existence, with a precise scoring methodology, which ensures the reliability of the instrument. The In-Basket is administered locally and evaluated by certified assessors. The Am-Pro In-Basket© is an integral part of the leader's development process, due to its high degree of reliability and validity. This exercise is used not only in the assessment phase, but also serves as a case study in the Development Workshop. The Am-Pro In-Basket© has been successfully used in both selection and development processes, providing additional input into the individual’s skills and abilities relevant to the position.